Tuesday, January 18, 2011

OY VEY! Eddie & I need help + medication update

ok so since I slacked on my meds not long ago, I had scalp activity drivin me nuts..so I got more olive leaf extract as well as some msm..now you need to know that these two natural meds will make your symptoms act up a bit so only take them for a week tops along with the colloidal silver..now I am back on silver only and my scalp is much better and more calm..the silver alone didnt help stop activity but the olive leaf and msm will drive u nuts because its strong and aggrivates the morgellons..so just know that ok :)

Im exhausted and homeless again..I actually met an An Elderly Gentleman named Eddie and have taken him under my wing. He has two cats and is in need of an immediate emergency cash grant. He has been living in a hotel with me, my 3 pets & his two cats but we have run out of money. Eddie
gets his SSI again in Feb. but we are at a loss until then. I have been helping him out, well we have been helping each other keep a roof over our heads, but I have been paying for all the food for the past month as well as most of the hotel bill for the last week however, you see, I am unemployed so I really have no business attempting to care for anyone else but it is the right thing to do.
It is also ironic (although I do not believe in coincidence) that I met Eddie since starting my church. I started GA Church this past summer when I was homeless, ironically because I was disturbed & astounded at the growing # of homeless elderly. When I tried to get churches to allow me to hold raffles for the ailing food pantries and homeless help centers, none of them cared to do much. I cried at some of the heartless words said to me by some pastors. I decided to finally start my own church as I had always known I would do.

Eddie by the way is a good guy. He works with a company which deals with locating
missing children. He is a father who raised his youngest as a single parent after her mother abondoned her. He is a vet and a tax paying citizen and he cant get any
temporary help from his own country not even in the leaste. He is very upset. I try to keep us cheerful but I am exhausted and fighting a rare & uncomfortable disease which i cant seem to get treatment for. My condition is aggrievated by stress, so Im doin the best I can. I need to and would more than love to go to Dr. Karjoo but have no insurance and no money. I work when I get it but need a place to keep my pets while away...so unless I have a place..we are all back in the car tomorrow..
unfortunately..theres no room for Eddie and his 2 cats.

I am asking for donations for MorgellonsRelief.com as well because I need help paying for google. Like I said, I NEED HELP. Im so tired of nobody caring about me or the fact that Im ill, when all i do is care about everyone 24/7. BUT no matter how tired I get...no matter how uncaring people are, I will still be good to you. I will still help you whenever I can because that is who I am but I will be broken hearted and severly dissapointed.

GA motto:
Serve God the Right way.. Be Giving & party!


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