Thursday, January 13, 2011

Need Donations for google adwords

I really want to keep in the google search engine but need help financially. Now Im staying in a hotel with a 73 yr old guy who has no income his two cats, my cat & 2 dogs til next month..oy vey lol it never ends. I can barely care for myself and now soon we will be out on our arses. Im sure I will figure something out but as you can see I have much on my plate. I did finally get back to work 1 day last week..but i need more than 1 day. Anyway if you found this site on google and it helps you..please consider helping me to continue to help really doesnt cost ad words..even $5 a week would leave the website accessible to anyone who needs to find it. Thanks for visiting with me here. Peace..much love and many blessings!

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