Thursday, October 9, 2014

Removing fuzzballs and other fibers stuck under my skin (scalp)

so I have been complaining for years now about this really active spot on the top left side of my head. WELL I have once again been removing hair follicles from the root and have finally come to a better understanding of what may have been going on up there. I removed my hair in this was a few years ago but I didn't do it right so the problem although got better still remained.

I have taken some notes to remind me of my findings..the first 1 is ingrown hairs..that seemed to be a big part of the problem and not just ingrown hairs but pretty long ones..felt like I was ripping open a bag of johnny cat litter when I would remove these "fibers". They look kinda like my hair but much darker and often thicker..and hair is kinky. I also discovered foreign straigt hairs growning in with my hair follicles or with these new or changed dark black 'hairs" making it very uncomfortable (not enough room for all the crap goin on) I found 2 little bugs which looked like little parasites and flushed them..also discovered that there were bumps under my skin which were trapped fiber balls and that's why I was pullin so much stuff "fibers" out of that spot. I also saw twig like hairs..really straight and almost swollen Infected) looking. Small things that looked like they could be dead bugs (if I had a microscope) or they were just bits of trapped broken ingrown hairs idk but I do know I have not felt so much RELIEF in a very long time. Neosporin really helps with plucking and preventing infection. Everytime I pulled a hair from a soar spot the soar spot went away like last time but I left the bump..eventhough it still bothered me I didn't finish cleaning out my scalp. Its weird often I had to pluck a hair from an area close to but not really right next to the soar area inorder to get the soarness to go away.. yeah the johnny cat thing..the perforated seal on the bag..when it rips..same felling..then a little swelling but then more raised area..then when a fiber ball comes out that's when the bumps go away..i also found something that looked like a broken piece of my nail stuck in the soarest spot (lots of stuff in the spot but with every removal of a foreign item..more and more relief until finally...gone) oh yeah I finally had to take a sharp knife and gently scrape the bump open btw. I think those two bugs were up to know good in there for sure twisting my hairs and fibers around causing confusion along with causing itching and scabbing and ingrown situations.

I took antibiotics for 7 days last month..once again needed it..helped my energy level and probably helped with antagonistic soar spots as well..happy to say its been two years since last I needed antibiotics and this time it was only for a week as opposed to almost one year :). (Had a gastro/ulcer issue) I am hoping this time I finally got THE SPOT! and hopefully it wont return..FOR THE MOST PART i swear that damn spot and a few others are the only things reminding me of this horrible affliction these days. I really have come a long way fighting this illness. thus far...



oh also been inhaling kids gummy vitamins with iodine (potassium iodide)..lots lately.. oh and been having some cramping issues..think its barium poisoning. Potassium (ie.. Greek yogart, pickle juice and bananas) helps cramping.

And NO I have not been back to a doc since 2011 or so lol too traumatic.. im traumatized enough..hee hee. SERIOUSLY!

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