Tuesday, May 19, 2015

I'm Healthy and 14 weeks pregnant!

So its taken this long to clear the top left area of my scalp from fibers and debris but the hair is growing back now correctly. The relief I have felt since removing the fibers from that area is amazing. Did I just pull an implant out piece by piece? WTH is really going on? Even those weird hard white things don't make much of an appearance anymore. Feeling back to normal :) So far so good with the baby too. I thought for sure Morg was going to prevent me from ever having kids. So glad I beat it, for now anyway. Hope anyone who has followed my journey these past 5 years feels some relief too. And Thank you.

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  1. Can u plez tell me how u got your scalp n hair back to normal.it seems luke every 30 days something happens.i dont no what to do.i hav it in my ears since may 2017 cant get it out hav tried everything nothing woeks.hair is a mess doesnt even look like my hair.plez help me.my name is ellen i live in pa.my email is telzsa@msn.com.i dont no what to do anymore