Thursday, February 3, 2011


Been doin great for weeks now..been takin silver mostly..olive leaf maybe 2x a week or as needed..zapping only 1x every 10 called ookisa..there may be something in it that helps morgellons but who knows? I feel only light scalp sheds lots of tiny white, red fibers etc sometimes i feel sharp fibers come out or swirling around my temple or vibrating on the sides or back of my head..but then i usually find the accordian strings...fibers which look as if they were folded. I was sick just days ago..i still dont feel right & i cry randomly lots these days..guess i gotta calm me nerves somehow..i have 1wk left @ k's house..will do my best to rest..then off to the desert i go. I know this world needs me but i dont need it. I pray i continue to be so incredibly strong but im truly exhausted & just wanna go home. My eyes are open & ive sounded the alarm but only few hear..the knowledge of this reality is too great a burden to bare.. But i shall grin and carry on until this tremendous war is won!

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