Thursday, February 10, 2011

I am in remission!

lets hope it lasts longer than a week or two this gonna keep taking meds regardless..olive leaf & silver..zap on occasion


  1. still doin good.. short thin fibers are still coming out but i dont really feel it..i do feel some activity here and there but i can get thru most of the day without thinkin bout it..longest time of relief since last Feb 2010.. im gonna start takin thieves oil & coconut oil as well :)

  2. oh wait last week lots of long blue and red fibers came out for like 2 days..i also had yellow blue, green and white shiny the fibers are very short but still getting all those it seems to still be active to some degree or maybe i just cant feel it as much anymore because its in a different stage..i dont know im just glad to have relief..however i have been feeling ill i have the flu but no fever..its wierd.

  3. and i get lots of headaches which had stopped for about a year or two but theyre back..when i was age 2-12 i had bad migraines. Then I awoke one day at age 12 and new they were gone and wouldnt return..i have NOT had 1 migraine since..but i still react to headaches as if they are migraines..i just curl up in the fetal position..guess i was traumatized lol