Saturday, July 31, 2010

Relief/CURE? ...SILVER, Bentonite, Zapper, olive leaf & bleach

1st things 1st STRESS BRINGS ON SYMPTOMS!!! SO DONT STRESS! & some say nO sUGAR( but i still eat sugar :)

what you need..
sovereign silver(no more than 4 full droppers daily), great plains bentonite,Dr.Hulda Clark parasite Zapper (13-60 min daily)(make sure hands are moist or use a wet paper towel),olive leaf extract(1-4 pills a day)(i only take 2-3 olive leaf pills daily) You can also add Turmeric, cayenne garlic and apple cider vinegar more to your diet, as they are good natural anti-fungal/anti-biotics as well

i had been using diluted bleach on my head for 10min and feet to kill "nano bugs" collembola. I just read a womans story where she sun powdered laundry soap with color safe bleach bath plus 25 alpha tablets for an hour & everything comes out..but remember bleach is dangerous so i cant reccomend it. (NEVER INGEST BLEACH!!!) Also check out google that link ...the bentonite & silver is definately working. My body is purging the fibers. Had to laugh when i passed by my old fwy exit benton way & silverlake..a subconscious hint from spirit?

The week prior to beginning the holistic approach, I had been on anti-biotics (Amox/Clauv) for a dog bite butt the antibiotics did nothing to the Morgellons.
So I used apple cider vinegar & colloidal Silver and found much relief. (funny how the gov is trying to get people to stop using silver this week..ah what to believe?)...but it has been noted with making some people blue(watch how to make colloidal silver video on later blog to find out why)..however it also can be safely used on/in your pets...but the best thing so far is Colloidal Silver, bentonite, olive leaf extract (@whole foods) and hopefully the low volt therapy (dR. hULDA cLARK'S PARASITE ZAPPER) will do the trick. gOTTA FIGHT SCIENCE WITH SCIENCE! :)

("... Any positively offset [DC] frequency kills all bacteria, viruses and parasites simultaneously given sufficient voltage (5 to 10 volts), duration (seven minutes), and frequency (anything from 10 Hz to 500'000 Hz)."

(Taken from the Dr. Clark Research Association website) All of the above is safe for pets as well..but research dosages etc. For more info check out they have gotten the cdc to partner with kaiser permenente of northern california to do research on morgellons in 2008.30 out of 32 people tested with morgellons are found to have collembolla. Many people with morgellons develop fibramyalga, lyme disease and/or lou garrets disease so please get tested today! Morgellons is maddening! You dont want it. Trust me! OH & REMEMBER SYMPTOMS OFTEN GET WORSE BEFORE THEY STOP OR GET BETTER DURING TREATMENT SO DONT LOOSE HOPE!

BUT remember this..if we are being attacked from our skies..treatment will need to be repeated simi annually or so..

GOOGLE 'ALL STOP'..its a product formulated for Morgellons

other sufferers

"I never had lesions but I sure had micro pests crawling around on my body. I noticed that eating sugar definitely made them step up their activities- as if the sugar in my system attracted them. More advice- bathe, wash feet in water that has Adolph's meat tenderizer in it. The papain (papaya enzyme) in it dissolves the bugs. Noticeable difference! Wash your shoes in this water or put them in the microwave. Sounds crazy, but it works. Wash clothes with Bac-out from Bio-Kleen or half a cup bleach. Vacuum like crazy. You can definitely get this in check and become stronger than this. Strngthen your body- exercise, eat good fresh foods made by nature, not out of boxes and cans. Lots of raw vegetables. You will heal as I have. Love all."shiva

"I'm truly sorry for everyone suffering from the symptoms of this horrible disease. 3 years of healing for me and many hours of reading, testing, etc..under the microscope. Supergreens for my immune system 1-2x daily. Immune boosting foods and cut out the sugar. More oxygen...breath deep. Food grade H2O2, wash with it daily, brush teeth. wash with shampoo and H2O2, not bar soap. Ammonia in shampoo stops head sores.
I alternate the following, MMS, Ivermectin, Fenbendazole, Prazaquantel & Ivermectin. No one thing seems to work as well as alternating and each finds what works best for themselves. You will heal believe it." rand

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